It’s a bright shiny material which everyone wants to have and maintain. And so they go to great lengths of trouble simply to acquire it, and of course how much they pay. You won?t think how much men and women are willing to pay for the right bit of diamond. Unbelievable, yes, but it?s really valuable.

Together with the beauty of this thing it’s a miracle there’s a single woman living who doesn’t have one. You know how ladies like amazing things. Most would have pearl jewelry than anything else.

You may need to travel up to 150 kilometers (93 mi) into the guts of this earth to experience the inception of a diamond. Tough as man has attempted, they have never been able to replicate that. And so diamond stays the hardest material in the world, and the most priceless of jewels.

Diamonds don’t neglect. Produce a gem with a slice of diamond now, and it would be the same if you returned a century afterwards. Therefore it costs a lot but it’s only jewelry that’s sure worth the value. Place it onto a beautiful lady’s palms or neck and you’ll see real beauty.

You could be pure and holy, but at the very least you’d desire to touch the perfect stone. And from this moment, you may never need to rest until you own it ? legally or no.

Put on a diamond, particularly around yourself, and individuals cease to see you; exactly what they see now is your flawless rock that emanates from you. Then all of a sudden you’re the most beautiful person that the world knows. All because of a stone around your neck. Yes, even diamond jewelries have the capability to do that to you.

Pass through the cratonic rocks from the earth if you dare, and perhaps you’ll get the chance to observe the way the diamond is shaped and brought to the surface by volcanic issue. If you can live for eons. No, no guy can replicate the diamond; we can only buy and cherish it, hoping maybe to one day achieve the perfection which makes this jewel.

The stones which made the mountains were not necessarily solid. At one time, they were molten, called magma, made so by the extreme pressures and heat in the ground ‘s heart; the very same pressures and warmth that shaped diamonds within eons of processing. So when the magma came up, so did the diamonds . Today, we mine and put on them, and we bask in the glory of the pearl jewelry.

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