Ways to Clean your Diamond:

There are a few different methods you can offer diamond maintenance to your cherished jewelry, specifically, there are various cleaning procedures you can use to help keep it looking as brilliant and amazing as the day you brought it home from the jeweler!

While there are many cleaning procedures which can be done from your home, don’t forget that you can nearly always come back to the shopper in which you purchased your diamond and request a professional cleaning. Sometimes cleanings are contained in a guarantee agreement, so check your paperwork to find out whether this kind of diamond maintenance is provided in your arrangement.

Detergent Bath:

The most widely used way of diamond care is cleaning your bead at a mild, warm water detergent bath. Fill a bowl with warm water, and add in a mild detergent that you have in the house. Some people use a dish detergent, while others will use a gentle bathroom cleaner. Using a toothbrush or eyebrow brush, gently brush your bead together with the tepid to warm water to loosen any dirt and oil which have found their way to a diamond. Afterwards, rinse your diamond by putting it into a strainer (careful to select a strainer with holes bigger than your diamond!)


There are numerous cleaners on the market for diamond maintenance. Once you’ve dipped your jewellery into the cleanser, you don’t need to touch the diamonds, because oils from your fingers are readily transferred into your diamond. Allow it to dry completely and then return or wear to storage.

Cold Water Soak:

Diamond maintenance also comprises a process called a?Cold water beverage? . Fill a bowl using a solution of half cold water and half household ammonia. Place your diamond into the cleanser and allow it to soak for at least 30 minutes. If you take it out, tap on the jewelry round the mounting brackets then swish it around in your cold water solution again as a last rinsing. You can place it out to dry on a piece of tissue paper.

Ultrasonic Cleansing:

You’re able to offer diamond care by purchasing an ultrasonic cleaning machine. These machines have a little cup that you fill with cleaner and water, and a place to fit your jewelry.

Storing Diamonds:

One other important factor of diamond care is the way to store your diamonds when you are not wearing them. Diamonds are yarn which can scratch other diamonds or other jewelry, so it is encouraged that you never set them into a jewelry box or even along with different pieces of jewelry unless you individual wrap the diamonds with tissue paper. The very best way to correctly offer diamond attention and store your diamond nevertheless, is to set the jewelry piece to a cloth lined jewelry box, or a larger case that’s individual dividers that are each lined with fabric to protect each piece of jewelry.

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